This memory is from 1993. The runner behind me on my left is my Husband in the red kit and on the right in blue is Jassi, my club member.

My husband who is a fitness scientist, an Ex- Army officer, Master of sports in athletics. He did his research on Marathon and since 1987 has been a dedicated guide, nutritionist and an expert in my scientific marathon training.

These boys were slightly faster than me after 6-7 month of training.They remained my pacers in the marathons and supporting almost for a decade. They were my commandos! We ran 20-30 km long runs, speed work, fartlek, everywhere in Delhi from Stadiums to Parks and all open areas.

I could give my best timings.35:45 sec for 10 km at National meet. 1:16:10 sec for 21 km in Torinò, Italy. 2:43:33 sec for 42.2 km in Paris Marathon.


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